Friday, November 18, 2011

The Value of a Homemaker

From today's class I really liked the question Brother Williams asked about what does it mean to work? In society today many view the role of the wife being in the home as not being work. She is not receiving a paycheck and cannot receive a possible promotion to a higher position. What would you call all that she does in the home, especially with children? In my opinion the description of a homemaker would have to include the word work in it. A definition of work that I like is it is a "activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result." Homemakers meeting deadlines (getting kids to school), creating projects (cooking), have to maintain organization (cleaning) , and at times have to deal with a short tempered, impatient co worker (their husband). This sounds like a great deal of work to me. This may be one of the most noble "careers" in the world. There is very little recognition, not much chance of fame or fortune and yet it is one of the most selfless Christlike things anyone could do. Fathers and mothers that prioritize the sanctity and beauty of the home are the ones who will experience the greatest blessings of heaven. They won't ever receive the title chief executive officer of the home, but they will receive all that the Father has and enjoy peace and happiness with their posterity forever as they create an environment where the Spirit can reside. Receiving celestial glory is probably a much better promotion and causes greater self satisfaction then any career that the world could offer.

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